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New Music :: Ruben Studdard “Do It Right” feat. Chrisette Michele!

Ruben Studdard

Ruben Studdard’s fifth studio solo album, Letters From Birmingham, was released today.

The Season 2 winner of American Idol is said to take listeners on a “whirlwind romance from meeting to marriage to break-up,” which is probably inspired by his real life events.

Last year, Ruben filed for divorce from his wife of three years and while Letters From Birmingham is not a tell-all, it’s definitely influenced by his experiences. It was just after The Queen’s Castle saw him in the world premiere of The Perfect Gift, where Studdard stars opposite Golden Brooks.

One of the few upbeat songs on the effort, Do It Right, featuring Chrisette Michele hit the internet today…

In a recent interview with NPR, Studdard confirmed that the title of his album was inspired by a display of Dr. King and when asked how it led to his most recent effort, he said:

It’s always good to have a theme or a direction for an album. And, you know, in the beginning what I wanted to do was just make great songs. And so we did that without any direction. We were just making what we felt like were great songs. And so once we kind of got a vision of what we wanted to – we put the album in a box. And so that way we could write the songs that fit into what we thought the box looked like. And it turned out really well. And it – you know, for me, I wanted the album to play like a movie. So it goes from the introduction to the courtship, to the romantic love, to the feelings of something’s going wrong, even into the dissolution of a relationship. And it was great doing it, because, you know, I actually lived all those things, you know, that we wrote about in the album. And it was just – it was a fun project.”

Studdard also shares how the album was formed, even his remake of Bobby Brown’s Rock Wit’cha, you can read more here.

Does Ruben Studdard and Chrisette Michelle’s single, “Do It Right” for you?

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