Willow Smith and Nicki Minaj Film Video for "FireBall!" [Video + Photos]

This weekend, Willow Smith and Nick Minaj were spotted filming the video for Fireball, the Fresh Princess’ follow-up to her smash, record-breaking debut hit, Whip My Hair!

The Smith’s are not playing. They paired their daughter with the hottest female rapper in the game right now and while Nicki’s antics are not for everyone, she’s definitely considered a symbol for ‘Girl Power’ by the masses. It was definitely a family affair, Will, Jada and brother Jaden were on set for the shoot…

Nicki’s dress featuring stuffed animals is more than appropriate for Willow’s age group of fans… Enough said.

More photos from the shoot…

Willow and Nicki shot the video in Los Angeles… check the gallery below!

Sources 1, 2, 3 / “Fresh Princess” copyright Thembisa Mshaka ;)

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